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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lunaran Dictionary

To help you better understand the Necromancer and what the world of Melunar is all about, we decided to post a few paragraphs from the Lunaran Dictionary. Have a read, and don't forget to suggest the Necromancer's special powers at our facebook page. No ideas are too broad, small or stupid, so give it a go and you could win a kick-ass Tales of Melunar-package. For more information; see previous post!

1. Aidon, also known as “The Queen’s Bracelet”, a huge golden bracelet which sits locked around the Necromancer’s wrist and is chain-linked to Barkh (the Orb of Life). Once attached by Mora (The Queen of Melunar), it filled Norfir with Smorthar and turned him into The Necromancer. Whenever Barkh is activated, one of Aidons two facial adornments lets out a black poisonous Smorthar-fume.
2. Barkh is a powerful orb, controlled by The Necromancer, which sits directly connected to Aidon (The Queen’s Bracelet), around his wrist. Barkh is, apart from Mora (The Queen of Melunar), the only component with power to convert stored souls to new life. All elements (or creatures) under Barkh’s influence is enslaved by either The Necromancer or Mora.
3. Smorthar, “the liquid force of death”, is a tar-like matter drained from the deepest Melunaran bedrock, commonly used as a power-charge in The Necromancer’s process to obtain and preserve human souls. Once stored, these souls serve as fertilizers which, combined with Smorthar and Barkh (the Orb of Life), grants its user the ability to perform Visk – to conjure underlings (examples; see Narrghind, Necrominions, Visk.)
4. Visk is a ritual in which The Necromancer of Melunar utilizes human souls, stored by Mora, to summon elements of nature to serve as his underlings. For example, by channelling souls through Barkh (the Orb of Life) into pools of Smorthar (the Liquid Force of Death) he is able to build Narrghinds (Necrominions) who serve as his slaves.
5. Ilsk is a half-faced bone mask worn by The Necromancer (Norfir, Northern Fire, Che’borbam Norfir) and was originally part of a helmet that Norfir wore to veil his hideous battle scars. During the necromanian transformation, Smorthar boiled beneath his skin, releasing the cells from bone, and his face was forced to the ground. As he lashed back, half his face tore off. Mora (The Queen of Melunar), then hinted mercy by turning part of Norfir’s helmet into Ilsk, to conceal his horrendous appearance.
6. Narrg is Lunaran for “The Necromancer” (for more information see: The Necromancer, Norfir and Che’borbam Norfir.)
7. Narrghind is Lunaran for “Necrominion”; a scout serving under Narrg, conjured in the ritual of Visk. (for more information see Necrominion, Visk)
Lunaran is the common tongue of Melunar, once derived from Latin and the early branches of Germanic languages. Universally recognized as “the tongue of the underworld”, it is spoken only by the undying and most terrible forms of life in Melunar. Lunaran is unique in its strong focus on consonantal and guttural sounds, with an intention to intimidate trespassers of foreign origins.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Competition & Facebook Page started

In order to celebrate our new facebook page, we have launched a competition. We are giving you the opportunity to decide on part of the story. This is the first of many competitions to come.

Story Competition
Decide the Necromancer's special power

We are giving fans a chance to be part of the film making process.

You could win 2 x VIP tickets to the premiere of our short film in Vancouver, Canada and earn a "special thanks" in the ending credits.
The winner will be announced on both our blog and our facebook page. There are 3 easy steps to enter:

1. Read up on the Necromancer at this link
2. Suggest a special power for the Necromancer on our facebook page 
3. Wait for our decision !